Roux’s Reactivity Story – Finding Out My Dog Wasn’t Perfect

When I was looking for another puppy, my ex didn’t really care about what breed it was. I really wanted another Australian Shepherd, but we weren’t in the financial position for such an expensive breed. I searched the shelters for a puppy, but never came across one. Hazel, our dog, was reactive to other dogs at the time, so we needed a puppy that she could mother and take care of, so it was really important to us that it was a puppy.

I found Hazel on a Facebook group. Some young girl couldn’t take care of her, and I fell in love! She was tiny and beautiful, and my ex didn’t say “no.” She later learned that she would have to tell me “no” if she didn’t want me coming home with a new animal every time my heart told me “yes.”

I scoured Facebook pages specific for rehoming pets in hopes a puppy would come across. Finally, I found her.

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Baby A – The Start of My Journey

When I started my current nanny position, I had no intention of it being my last. However, through some deep soul searching and a few sparked ideas, it was decided. When Baby A was ready to go to school, I would start my nomadic route.

My MomBoss (MB) had a due date of October 10th, 2017, but we were expecting her to arrive sooner. The doctor agreed to induce MB on October 3rd, but Baby A had different plans.

I walked from my bedroom to the bathroom and heard my MB say, “today is the day.”


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National Park Bucket List

National Parks, in my opinion, are the most important thing in this country. These parks hold the most pure history America has to offer, and it is incredible to know that I can walk through spaces so many others have before me. The trees in some of these parks are older than myself.

Several years ago, I saw an Instagram post of a place in Canada, and I have been obsessed with it since! My bucket list includes this particular park and one other in Canada.


Here’s the list:


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The Route in My Nomadic Route

The word “route” means many different things. My ultimate goal in my journey is to travel as many “routes” as I possibly can while sustaining myself financially. But I want to do even more than that.


When I moved to Texas in 2014, I attended Texas A&M University. I only knew one person, so I wanted to get out and meet more people. I was originally going to the rec center to work out with my friend, Amy, and in the middle of the rec stood a beautiful 50-foot rock climbing wall. Across from the wall, there was a bouldering structure tucked away.

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